Friday, May 15, 2020

Week 36 2020 Online (Post Production: Editing)

May 11 - 15, 2020

Daily Requirements: 
1. Visit Website:
2. Answer daily Starter.
3. Enter your answer into the google form.
How to turn in work: Copy and paste the progress form and document your work with screenshots and
writing what you did each week and submit to Canvas. Progress Form.
1. If you have a camera and editing software do film project.
2. No Equipment you will need to write and research how film and how you would
have implemented your ideas.

3. I will have a Zoom meeting one a week to answer any questions.
Zoom Meeting:
Password: 171479

Objective: Edit Video and Export
Assignment: Edit Video and Export
Details: Choose some editing software to edit your video clips with. For example; Premiere Pro, iMovie, Vegas Pro, Wevideo, and others.

Apple: iMovie
Chromebook Video Editor:

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