Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 12a 2015 Color Theory

Nov. 3 - 7, 2015

Objective: Change color to an image using different color schemes.
Assignment: Color Schemes
Details: Download an image or images and change the colors to warm and cold colors. Change the colors to Mono, Complement, Triad, Tetrad, Analogic, Accented Analogic.
Save Images As: Warm.jpg , Cold.jpg, Mono.jpg, Complement.jpg, Triad.jpg, Tetrad.jpg, Analogic.jpg, Accented_Analogic.jpg.

Objective: Add an image inside text.
Assignment: Text Cutout
Details: Download a background of a city, landscape or texture. Overlay a thick text on top of the image. Use the text layer as a stencil and mask out the rest of the image.

Video Tutorial: Photoshop: Text Cutout

Color Theory

Assignment: Create 5 images



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